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Dan & Veronica (10/1/'23) Both thrilled with the deal on 3 Dressers plus free extra things!
Bill Carter (6/15/'23) Great deal on that Barrel Pit, thank you much, have a great day!
Nicki (5/12/'23) Thank You for the nice Umbrella and Table, we will be enjoying it a lot this summer.
Sandy (4/16/'23) Just bought that Chest from you, I didn't realize that paying CASH is actually CHEAPER than using my Credit Card!
Linda (1/20/'23) Worth driving for in the snow today, thank you for the help I really appreciate it...
Randy (11/20/'22) Thank you for helping me find what I wanted...
Dr Jacob Smith (10/1/'22) Very pleased with your web site and your furniture and I would highly recommend you to all, thank you sir...
Nick (8/15/'22) Man you got it going on with used furniture keep up the deals dude...
Julie Carter (3/29/'22) I got a nice Dresser for my son and it looks great, thank you...
Mark & Jill (3/20/'22) Dave helped us find exactly what we wanted and it cost a lot less than what the other guys were offering...
Cindy (1/5/'22) Hey don't drive around all day looking for a deal on a Dresser, this place has what you need for sure...