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      On this page that you are now reading, you can Order the Secret to any Magic Trick or Illusion that you have ever seen anywhere (live, on TV, in movies, in books, online etc) ... (our repository includes over 10,000 of the World's most Popular Tricks and Illusions)... we sell Only the Secret not the Trick or Illusion itself... (many of our Secrets come with Graphic Illustrations to help explain them)... Your Cost: ONLY $25.00

A FEW EXAMPLES of Illusions that have been Specially Ordered include (but are not limited to) these:

Please Check With Us First about the Availability of a particular Trick or Illusion... just use our Contact Page Here

      Why wait... let us know what Trick or Illusion has you baffeled, and fill out the info below... we will relieve you of your guessing and maybe, just maybe you'll be able to sleep better knowing "How it's really done!"

      Fill in the info below, then Click The Button, you MUST make your payment at PayPal... Then we will send you the Secret within 24 hours after we verify your payment... Thank You! We value your Privacy NOTE: If you don't have a free account with PayPal, just use your Credit Card!

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Only $25.00 Your E-Mail containing the Magic Secret will be sent to you within 24 hours after we verify your payment with PayPal! ...amaze your friends!!!

NOTE: All requests made before 5pm EST (USA) will be processed within 1 hour... requests made after hours will be processed the first thing the next day... please be patient, Thank You! Note: All purchases are final, we do Not Give Refunds!

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Some Satisfied Customer Comments:

We always wanted to see how David Copperfield walked through that glass mirror. It was so convincing that we thought he dematerialized himself, really. My wife and I want to personally thank you for explaining the secret to us.
Mr and Mrs Gordon, Wisconson

The Blade had my family stumped... We couldn't figure it out, not even close, your Illustration really hit the nail on the head, Thank You Very Much.
Dr Patrick, Maine

Wow, I didn't think it worked like that, but now that I know it is really cool! The floating light bulb trick really blew me away! Thanks for the quick reply. Well worth it.
Tim, Texas

You are great, you got us the secret to the dissapearing elephant and it's the best deal that I know of. Another web site wanted $100 to explain it. Very well done.
Tom and Jill, Mich

Well I was a little skeptical at first but after taking the challange I am quite pleased with the results, albeit that now I no longer have to guess about it. I think your option to use Pay Pal for payments is very good, since I got the secret within 30 minutes after I sent your account the money. Thanks very much for sharing a well guarded magic illusion with me.
Brian, California

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