Clean Up---Roll Walls

Assuming the ceiling is Painted a DIFFERENT color than the walls, and assuming the Baseboard is Stained and Varnished (natural finish)... first Caulk the THIN topmost edge of the Baseboard where it meets the wall, then Tape (using one inch masking tape) up to but not including this top thin cauked edge which you will Paint with the wall, letting the tape stick out to catch roller Paint mist [if you have a Painted Baseboard, then just tape the Carpet]

Refer to the Diagram below and follow the numbered steps in the list below the Diagram

Assuming you have done all the PREPARATIONS outlined in Prep & Paint

  1. Using your 4 foot step ladder, Brush the entire top edge ("Cutting" into the Ceiling) around all the walls, giving a Full Brush Width of Paint, feathering out the unfinished edge
  2. While on the ladder, Brush down the corners about half way down to the floor, and Brush around Door Casings and Window Casings
  3. Now, working off the floor, finish Brushing the wall corners and Casing edges down to the Baseboard and Brush around Switchplates and Wall Plugs
  4. Now, Roll the walls (see the next page for help in Rolling Walls)...
  5. After the walls are Rolled, finish up by Brushing the Base area...

Clean Up---Roll Walls

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