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  • Using low-grade cheap Tools will only result in MORE work, and an INFERIOR job... ALWAYS use the Proper Tools
  • For Brushes: Use a 2in FLAT EDGE ("sash tool") with a long handle, for all Trim Brushing and use a 2in FLAT EDGE long handle Brush for all Major Brushing work... (NEVER USE ANGLE EDGE BRUSHES) See Pictures Below for a comparison... Polyester brush bristle material works best with Acrylic Paint (and works well with Oil paint too)... always use HIGH QUALITY Brushes (available from Sherwin Williams)... Click Here for a Picture of the Two Main Brushes that we recommend!

    Smaller "Artist Brushes" can be used for "Hard to get Places" and larger (3in and up) Brushes can be used for Exterior Painting

  • roller frameRoller Handle: 9 Inch Heavy Square-frame type with screw-in hole for attaching Extension Sticks
  • Extension Sticks for Roller Handles: 15in (for close-in areas), 4ft (for ceilings and walls)
  • Skins (roller covers): 9 inch width, ½ inch nap or less... for most work, and use ¾ inch nap for coarser surfaces (block or brick)...Covers made of Polyester material work best... Click Here for a Picture of the Roller Covers that we use... Sherwin Williams Professional Value Pack 9 inch width, ½ inch nap polyester soft... (it comes with six skins per bag)... and you'll need to ask for it because stores usually don't put them out front!
  • LARGE metal paint tray: 3-4in deep
  • Spackling Knives: 2in and 5in (flexible blades)
  • PuttyKnife: 1.5in Stiff ... used for much more than Puttying, used for scraping and for opening cans, etc.
  • Caulking Gun: with spring release lever, get the "open frame" type
  • Screwdriver, Hammer, Pliers
  • Roll of Masking Tape: 1 inch (don't use the "Blue Painter's Tape"... regular old 1 inch masking tape is better)...
  • bulb100 Watt Lightbulbs: w/ plug-in-sockets attached (do not use regular table or floor lamps... they will get covered in paint roller spray!!!)
  • Pocket Knife: we prefer "Swiss-Army-Hiker" pocket knifes
  • Sandpaper: medium, coarse, fine
  • Small block of wood (use a piece of 2x4) for wrapping sand paper around, to make a Block Sander for large area surfaces, like Doors...
  • Rags: cut-up old towels (NOT sheets)
  • Spinner: a must for spinning-out skins... About $20 at most paint stores
  • Duster: use an old dry Paint Brush
  • Stir Sticks: for stiring up Paint
  • Steel Wool: for extra help in preparing surfaces
  • Small Wirebrush: the kind used for cleaning pots and pans... it will come in handy for some paint removal

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tip Always wear white Painters Pants when working... they will afford easy access to tools and since you "Look Professional" you might do more professional style work! [read all the tips]

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