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Repair Studio


Learn These Repair Techniques That Have Been Developed And Used
For BBQ'S...

Rusted bottoms or other areas If too much is rusted there's no viable repair

Otherwise repair with sheet metal stock and screws

Or just sand down and paint with spray can paint

Dirty pits Scrape, clean pit and wire brush the grills
Missing grills Replace with replacement grills
Broken legs Repair with metal stock, flat, tube or brackets

Hack saw off uneven leg ends

Loose legs or loose or missing handles Tighten up screws, wrap electrical tape around leg top and bracket it fits into on bottom

Make replacement handles from stock

Small holes in pit Use Loctite PL-3x to seal

Use sheet metal pieces to seal, attach with Loctite PL-3x

Air vents stuck or broken Use WD-40 to free up

Remove broken vents, and use as is without them

Poor appearance Touch up or repaint with spray can paint

No need to use expensive heat resistant paint

COMMENT Stock up on bbq-pit grills