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Learn These Repair Techniques That Have Been Developed And Used
For Dressers...

Missing or broken knobs or handles Replace with stock knobs or handles
Broken drawers Use Liquid Nails, Seal-All, tape etc to repair

Use wood stock if necessary

Drawers that don't slide properly, or Doors that don't close properly Use Vaseline to grease tracks or edges

Use power saws to remove binding edges

Use files and sand paper to relieve binding surfaces

On some old wood cabinets, when top drawer will not fully close, try this repair method: Top Drawer Repair Method

Broken legs Use Liquid Nails to repair

Use screws and mechanical fasteners to repair

Make replacement legs from stock

Poor overall appearance Clean up with Lacquer Thinner, touch up with spray can paint

Repaint the whole piece

Revarnish the whole piece

Antique the whole piece

Restore the whole piece

COMMENT Use common sense to repair these items, do the mechanical work first, then do the appearance work last...