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Materials---Set Up

NOTE: We will assume we are doing an interior job that has the woodwork (Door and Window Casings and Baseboards) Stained and Varnished and the ceilings and walls have been previously painted and we are painting only the ceiling and walls

  • Size up the overall job and decide where to start and finish
  • EXAMPLE: A good Painter should be able to custom paint & trim an average size 1 bedroom plus closet in 4-6 hours. (Does not include extra trim or repairs beyond normal req'd)
  • EXAMPLE: If your doing the whole interior complete, then start in a rear bedroom, work towards the front of the house and finish at the basement stairway... Refer to the Diagram Above and follow the numerical order indicated...
  • Perform the explainations in the following pages IN SEQUENTIAL ORDER completing each step before going on to the next

Materials---Set Up

Paint Home

tip Use cut-up old TOWELS for rags, instead of old sheets... and use professional Drop Cloths instead of blankets, tarps or other things for covering floors etc! [read all the tips]