Page Three

  • Requirements: Anyone can go Junking. The basic requirements are simple: good health, valid drivers licence, reliable vehicle, plenty of storage space, and a knowledge of the area.
  • Rules and Regulations: Here it get's a bit tricky. Most cities disallow Junking and some actually enforce their laws; but many do not and won't hassle you if and that's a big IF, you are courteous and careful about how you work. Don't block traffic; Don't "sift" thru junk and leave a mess; Junk after dark very carefully and avoid creating a "suspicious" aura; Drive carefully, kids like to dart into side street traffic.
  • Dangers: Remember, safety first! You are always at risk of being robbed, especially if you venture into risky areas where the "good stuff" is found! Take care to pick-up stuff that is actually being thrown out! Sometimes things are put there for someone to pick up... when in doubt, just ask.
  • Weather: Junk all year, everywhere. Some of the best things are found in the dead of winter, or on a miserable rainy night, or in a dense fog!

One of the most common mistakes that the amateur Junker makes is to store too many things. They end up a waste of effort and eventually end up back in the garbage. The secret is to know "when" enough is enough! Keep it straight that you can only benefit from your efforts if somebody buys the stuff!

Also, don't spend so much time repairing something if you can only get so much back for it. You can't ask more than what the customers are willing to pay!

And when picking stuff up, verbalize yourself around the owner if they are present... it helps to relax them and don't be uptight about asking them if they have more to discard inside. Be Friendly... it'll pay off!

  • First decide if you are serious about reselling or do you just want things for yourself?
  • You'll need plenty of storage space in either case because if you persist in this pastime you'll find a ton of stuff... All free for the taking!!!
  • Transportation... it must be reliable. You could lose a lot if you have to pay to tow your "catch" back home.
  • Routes... start out around your immediate area. Expand as you develop the "Junker's Conscience".
  • Timing... Fit it into your daily schedule. Keep it a hobby until you become more experienced.
  • Planning... Do some homework. Find out when and where things are going out for the garbage trucks.
  • Hauling... Be careful lifting. Vans are nice if they're set-up right. Pick-ups too. Or even your trunk and the cartop. Learn how to pack stuff... carefully, and safely.
  • Cleaning... Always clean everything with water and rag first. Learn how to scrape off paint specks with a pocket knife. Many things (you'll surely find out) will need repairs; light sanding, replacing knobs, hinges, replacing parts, painting, staining, varnishing etc. This is where the fun really is... be creative! SEE THE: Repair Studio
  • Resale... Presto!... It's like "MAGIC". Name your price and go to town!
  • Pricing... You'll take this advice: "A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush" and "Half a loaf is better than none at all" ...Best Of Luck To You!
  • Advertising... If you REALLY want to make a "big go of it" and I STRONGLY Recommend this for all amatures... You need to build a Website about your Junking and then... simply advertise it at your local ONLINE Classified Website (I recommend Craigslist in your city)... For more info on building your website etc. (building it the CORRECT Way that is) please goto my TeachWebDesign.Com Website