Methods Of Junking

Junking can be looked at in many ways. Here we will look at it from two perspectives: For Fun... For Profit.

In either case the Methods are the same or similar:

  • "What" to pick-up? "What" not to pick-up?
    • Pick-up things that you yourself want to have. Pick-up what you can sell. Know what things people are in need of or what they want to purchase from you! Don't pick-up excessive amounts of the same types of things. Don't pick-up things that are possibly stolen, infested, or most importantly too hard or unfeasible to repair!
  • How much to pick-up?
    • How many things can you have? How much storage do you have? What is reasonable considering how fast you can "turn over" the items and that you don't want to create an ugly mess around your area?
  • When to go?
    • Timing is everything! Remember like anything else, others are looking just as you are and if you want to be the "Finder and Keeper" you better time your hunt! You can go the same time each time, or better, go early and go late... late-late... like at 2, 3, 4 in the morning... like when people go out fishing...
  • Where to go?
    • Where you go is up to you, but the larger the area you hunt in, the more you will find. Consider developing a "Junkers Conscience". Then you will always be alert to finding things anywhere! Develop "Routes"... regularity always makes it easier to concentrate on the "Pickin". Check with cities on when they pick-up garbage and where.