Page Four

"Junker's Conscience"... What is it? Well really it's something we all have built-in from birth... It's being alert, and being awake and aware of our surroundings, but at the same time it's being concerned that objects are available to all of us for the purpose of recycling and for the purpose of creating a more efficiently operating society! It's continuously looking for objects to recover, reuse and put back into circulation... and it's (hopefully) getting paid for doing so!

To develop this conscience takes insight and discipline to say the least. One must WANT to clean up the neighborhood, and then it takes time. Yes, time... to develop the habit (a good habit) of regularly looking for objects to retrieve. However, the time itself can become "integral" into the daily life of an individual, to the point where it really becomes no time at all... instead it becomes a way of life, "second nature"!


First start out by going around when the garbage is put out. Try using what you have learned and find things YOU like. But stick to the rules!

Go up and down streets. Go across neighborhoods and develop "Routes". Now, you can retrace these Routes every week or everytime a new cycle begins. Do It!


After gaining experience, you will be able to tell by a "glance" what piles contain what objects and you'll be able to "glance" down a street full of piles and tell whether or not you need to "Straightline" that street or whether you can "Cross-Weave" the area by going down the cross streets and "glancing" up and down without going thru every street.