• Requirements: Anyone can go Junking. The basic requirements are simple: good health, valid drivers licence, reliable vehicle, plenty of storage space, and a knowledge of the area.
  • Rules and Regulations: Here it get's a bit tricky. Most cities disallow Junking and some actually enforce their laws; but many do not and won't hassle you if and that's a big IF, you are courteous and careful about how you work. Don't block traffic; Don't "sift" thru junk and leave a mess; Junk after dark very carefully and avoid creating a "suspicious" aura; Drive carefully, kids like to dart into side street traffic.
  • Dangers: Remember, safety first! You are always at risk of being robbed, especially if you venture into risky areas where the "good stuff" is found! Take care to pick-up stuff that is actually being thrown out! Sometimes things are put there for someone to pick up... when in doubt, just ask.
  • Weather: Junk all year, everywhere. Some of the best things are found in the dead of winter, or on a miserable rainy night, or in a dense fog!