Web Page SOUND Tutorial
Adding Sound to your Webpages

computer     This lesson will show you how to code your webpage to Play Sound... The easiest way is to use the M3P Player ...Please give it a moment to load... (below, click the little arrow to play)...

NOTE: Player will only appear on PC's or Macs... since Flash does NOT work on Smart Phones or Tablets... SORRY!

    Advantage of this technique: (1) Users have a CHOICE to either listen or not... if you code to automatically play sound (using <bgsound> or <embed>), you will undoubtably lose many users who simply do NOT want to listen to your sound file... (2) No "helper application" such as Windows Media or Real Player has to open to play your sound file, so users are kept "in full view" of your webpage as the sound plays... (3) Compatable with IE, Firefox and Chrome plus many other web browsers...

The ACTIVATION LINK should be written like this:

[Read More About The MP3 Player Here]

This concludes our Tutorial on Adding Sound To A Webpage