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Learn These Repair Techniques That Have Been Developed And Used
For Chairs...

Rough or broken legs or parts Use wood or metal stock to repair

Use dry wall screws, drill toenails using power drill, where necessary, See Below About Toe Nailing Screws

Use Loctite PL-3x

Use Seal All

Loose arms or legs Use dry wall screws, drill in at toenail angle at arm or leg base into seat, but first always drill a pilot hole for the screw, using a 1/8 in drill, so the screw won't crack the hardwood...
See Picture Click Here

Use Loctite PL-3x in joints

Otherwise, remove arms converting to "armless" chair

Worn, discolored or poor fabric Clean with soap and water

Recover with fabric stock, use foam stock for padding if necessary, use staple gun to attach fabric

Poor appearance Use spray can paint to freshen up

Or use regular paint and repaint entire chair

COMMENT Get the chairs mechanically sturdy first, then get them looking better