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Learn These Repair Techniques That Have Been Developed And Used
For Tables...

Loose, missing or broken legs Tighten leg nuts or screws

Make a new leg

Use Loctite PL-3x, screws, wood and metal stock... Use dry wall screws, drill in at toenail angle at leg base into frame, but first always drill a pilot hole for the screw, using a 1/8 in drill, so the screw won't crack the hardwood...
See Picture Click Here

Find completely new leg sets and replace with them

Table not level For metal umbrella tables, bend legs to fix

Adjust height screws on leg bottom

Saw off leg bottoms to level table

Discolored or poor top surface Use wood filler, spackle, or putty for small defects

Clean with Lacquer Thinner then touch up with spray can paint

Completely repaint with spray can paint

Completely revarnish

Completely repaint with regular paint

Completely restore the whole piece

Recover with fabric stock

COMMENT Get the table sturdy first, then concentrate on appearance